Our Church Services are held each Sunday at 3.00pm, all welcome!

Contrary to what some may believe, Spiritualist meetings are not held in darkened rooms “to call up the dead”. Our friends and loved ones who have passed from this phase of life still wish to communicate with us, just as they would if they moved to another part of the world. Through the gift of mediumship, survival of death can be proven.

Church services are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere following a procedure of:

We begin with a prayer.

We sing several songs to build up the vibrations.

An inspirational reading is given.

Hands on healing is offered during the service.

Absent healing is sent to all people on our healing list.

Our guest speaker presents and address.

If you find a basket as you enter the church and you would like a spiritual reading, please place a flower or a keepsake in the paper bag provided and place into the basket. If there is no basket, there may be a Medium who will give demonstration of spirit via ‘overhead’ readings.

We close the service with a prayer.

The offering of  a cup of tea/coffee and chat afterwards.

Perhaps a chord has been struck with you and if you are looking for an alternative or supplement to your philosophy, why not take a closer look?