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Author Title
Cahill, Christine & Terry 12 Steps to a Greater You
Cainer, J. & Rider, C The Psychic Explorer
Callahan, Philips Ancient Mysteries / Modern Visions
Campion, Nicholas The Book of World Horoscopes
Cancer Council Understanding Acute Leukaemia
Cancer Council Understanding Chemotherapy
Cancer Council Understanding Chronic Leukaemia
Capra, Fritjof The Tao of Physics
Carmichael, Alexander New Moon of the Seasons
Carrington, Hereward The World of Psychic Research
Carroll, L. & Tober, J The Indigo Children
Carter, Mary Ellen Edgar Cayce on Healing
Carter, Mary Ellen My Years With Edgar Cayce
Castleman, M The Healing Herbs
Cayce, Edgar (Foundation) A Search for God (Book 1)
Cerminara, Gina Many Mansions (Edgar Cayce story on Reincarnation)
Cheetham, Erika The Prophecies of Nostradamus
Cheetham, Erika The Further Prophecies of Nostradamus –
1985 & Beyond
Cheiro Book of Numbers
Cheiro Book of Numbers
Cheiro The Cheiro Book of Fate and Fortune
Chiappalone, Dr. J. S Journey into the World of Metaphysics
Church, W. H Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Soul
Clark, Glenn How to Find Health Through Prayer
Cleary, Thomas The Book of Leadership and Strategy
Codd, Clara M The Technique of the Spiritual Life
Collins, Doris A Woman of Spirit
Collins, Doris A Woman of Spirit
Cook, Grace & Ivan The Light in Britain
Cook, Grace & Ivan The Light in Britain
Cook, Grace & Ivan The New Mediumship
Cracknell, Robert Clues to the Unknown
Cummins, Geraldine Swan on a Black Sea


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